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As a stylist, keeping your books perfectly curated to avoid overlapping appointments or too much free time between appointments can be a headache. It shouldn’t have to be! Aura’s software is intuitively designed to help you avoid exactly that and maximize your efficiency through Smart Booking technology. We all have those clients who routinely show up 10 minutes late for their appointments. We even have clients whose services take less time than normal. Smart Booking addresses these real-world nuances that salons and stylists face daily to reduce booking errors, maximize occupancy and increase service retention.

You know your clients—more often than not, you know their needs more intimately than they themselves are aware. The gentleman who comes into your salon every 5 weeks for a shape up doesn’t take you nearly as long as the woman who comes in every 10 weeks with a mane desperately in need of taming. We get it; life happens, and sometimes staying regular can be hard for clients. This doesn’t mean your books should suffer.

What Exactly is Smart Booking Technology?

One of Aura’s most beneficial, automated features involves setting and adjusting the time of specific services for specific clients. Once SmartBooking is applied it follows your client’s account through future appointments unless you determine that it needs to be changed again. Stylists can pair the practice of adjusting service-specific timing to pinpointed clients with Aura’s automation to completely curate their books. Not only this, but guests will always be impressed when you’re cognizant of their routine.

So let’s look at the math.

You have 10 stylists in your salon who, on average (and perhaps not in the midst of a global pandemic) are able to service 8 clients per day. Now, let’s assume that each of these stylists is able to apply Smart Booking Technology to 3 of their daily appointments. They recognize that these clients either take more or less time than usual for the standard services the stylist offers. So, each stylist in this case is shaving 15 minutes of time off their books because they don’t need a full hour to perform a cut on these specific clients.

If all of your stylists implement this practice, your daily time saved is 7.5 hours across the board. That’s at least seven more services within the salon that can be done that day without causing appointments to overlap or stylists to be under-booked. In one day, if those additional services average $150, the entire salon is seeing $1,125 in increased daily revenue.

For the year?

That’s over $410,000 in annual revenue per every 10 stylists in your salon.

10 Stylists with 8 Daily Bookings $150 per Service
SmartBooking Applied 3 Clients
Time Saved Per Client 15 Minutes
Additional Daily Service Availability 7.5 Hours
Additional Daily Service Revenue $1,125
Yearly Revenue with SmartBooking $410,000

How Does Smart Booking Work?

Aura’s intuitive software design has a specific area within each clients’ profile dedicated to Smart Booking. Administrators are able to set pre-determined durations for every-day services: from cuts to color corrections. Every client is different and we recognize that with Smart Booking Technology. In the client profile, a stylist can adjust the pre-determined cut time, processing time or finishing time for individual cases. This includes shortening the duration or lengthening it—one aspect of the service or each individual part of the process can be changed. As soon as Smart Booking is applied and saved, any future services booked for that client will automatically reflect the correct overall duration. It doesn’t matter if the appointment is booked from the Mobile Client App or booked by your receptionist or the stylist themselves. 

Smart Booking

No longer will you have to worry about adjusting your books to squeeze in additional clients because of incorrect timing during the booking process! This allows for additional bookings during the day or a more even spread of services performed if you have a few clients on the same day who take a bit longer for their services than the norm. Understanding and knowing your clients also reflects well on you as a service-provider. You know these clients and they can trust you. All it takes is a simple, sliding adjustment inside the software to save timing requirements for each individual aspects of a service. 

Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hairstylist that understands you.

Few things in life are more powerful than the trust gained through common understanding. Let Aura’s automation free you up from having to correct booking mistakes and take control of your schedule again! 

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