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Sarah Cooper
Sarah CooperCEO/Founder, Indianapolis
Jody Connolly
Jody ConnollyBuzz, Iowa City
Bobby Cooper
Bobby CooperBobby Cooper Salon, Indy
Michelle Cross
Michelle CrossObadiah, Seattle
Tracey Gobla
Tracey GoblaNavii Salon, Indiana
Kelly Gorsuch
Kelly GorsuchImmortal Beloved, DC
Ealissa Harvell
Ealissa HarvellHair by Ealissa, Alabama
Danny Jelaca
Danny JelacaDanny Jelaca, Miami Beach
John Mosley
John Mosley#PopularNobody, Dallas
Jennifer Parker
Jennifer ParkerSalon Red, Atlanta
Christian Riser
Christian RiserArtisinal Hair Co., Maryland
Steven Schmidt
Steven SchmidtStylist/Educator, Miami
Corey Sleet
Corey SleetBobby Cooper Salon, Indy
Jessica Soler
Jessica SolerSalon Red, Atlanta
Jessica Walker
Jessica WalkerJ. Walker, NJ

“Aura is AMAZING!! I love the ease of the system and how all employees and guests have access to so much information at their fingertips. Definitely a one stop application for everything. As a 19 year user of other salon softwares, Aura is by far the absolute best. Thank you Aura team for building this awesome software and making my life easier.”

Director of Operations, Salon Red, Atlanta

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