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Aura is proud to announce a new sponsorship of Qnity’s “Plan for Profits” course. Qnity is a business management and educational platform which drives success in salons through simple, visual metrics designed for creatives. Qnity takes the daunting task of setting up organized financial plans and offers actionable courses that are not time-consuming and are not numbers-heavy, allowing owners to plan for profits in a way that makes sense to them. 

While numbers might not be a subject you are exceptionally gifted in, you might have a gift that many others don’t–such as emotional intelligence, creativity and intuition. A curious mind is an interesting mind. A curious person is an interesting person. – Lifelong Learning, Tom Kuhn, Founder & CEO, Qnity 

Aura’s platform cuts costs and grows profits in salons. This sponsorship with Qnity is a culmination of the best business practices salon owners can implement to increase profits. Now, as the featured software partner of Qnity’s “Plan for Profits” course, Aura will participate in Financial Roundtable events along with Qnity’s collaborative community. In addition, all Qnity members receive free concierge onboarding, a free payment terminal and elaborate training to learn how to use Aura alongside the Qnity Business Model. 

“Plan for Profits” with Aura Founder, Sarah Cooper, and Qnity

Check out the video to learn about Qnity’s “Plan for Profits” program and to hear Sarah Cooper share her story. Learn how Aura works with Qnity to make financial management and growth more attainable than ever before. 


As a special bonus, we also have 12 annual memberships to give away to our current Aura Salon Owners who are interested in becoming part of the private, digital Plan for Profits community. This $2000 value offer is extremely limited.

If you are interested, please reach out to our Operations Manager, Jennifer Parker, to learn more about this opportunity at jennifer@aurasalonware.com

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