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As Salons across the nation begin to ramp up business and re-open their doors, we are beginning to see revenue returning—on a much smaller scale than before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Salons are operating with fewer stylists each day which means fewer clients and therefore less overall revenue. 

There are a few ways to combat this decrease in revenue, but one of the easiest and one of our favorites is the concept of add-on services. 

You’ve experienced this first-hand in multiple industries: ordering glasses of wine at a restaurant and having your server upsell you a nice bottle instead; checking out at a clothing store and grabbing last-minute accessories near the register; purchasing a warranty on a new electronic device. This same concept can roll over into the salon world without issue.

Salons increase service and retail sales with preset service and client-based recommended Add-Ons that appear in front of providers during each appointment. 

How Do Automated Add-Ons Work?

When you’re looking at the numbers, your typical service or retail Add-On may run at about $30. If you get 20% of your customers engaging with your stylists for these additional services, you’re looking at a $55,000 increase in annual revenue—and that can certainly make a dent in lost revenue during the nationwide shut-down. 

Typical Service or Retail Add-On $30
Customer Engagement 20%
Additional Revenue $55,000

Using Aura’s client information, a provider is able to check a client’s history to see what products they may have purchased in the past, how long it has been since that purchase and then work it into conversation while services are being done. A client may be in your chair going for a completely new look, and being able to add-on products or services can be a real win here as they are trusting you to not only help them look amazing in the salon, but to provide them with the tools to recreate the look at home.

The Aura Method

Aura puts this feature right into the hands of the provider—there’s no more need to rush over to the desk in the middle of a service to add the product to a ticket and no more chance of forgetting to add the product you discussed with the client an hour ago when they go to check out. This process relies on understanding your clients needs. Add-ons should become a solution to a problem the customer may face. You don’t want it to come across as a benefit only to your wallet. By providing multiple different options, you’re allowing the client to make a decision based on your knowledge and prowess. 

Salon Wallet : Add-Ons HistoryNot only have your stylists now increased their bottom line but they’ve also increased the trust they have with their clients. Those same clients are going to begin to rely on your salon as a provider not only of their color and cuts but the resource you provide in regards to future product purchases. Those products do eventually run out—and the best place to restock will always be with your salon. Now you’re amplifying your customer loyalty. 

The conversation becomes easy at the chair.

“Hey, I noticed it’s been 2 months since you grabbed X to help hold your style. How are you looking on that? Need to go ahead and grab another?”


“Last time you were in, we also did your brows. Did you want to go ahead and do that again while you’re here?”

With the press of a button, the provider is able to add that service or product to the ticket and get going. If the client is a regular, these notes will show up in the open ticket as a reminder for the provider to mention. Building up customer loyalty is a major benefit to your salon and Aura’s automated Add-ons are designed exactly for that. 

Don’t miss out on a very simple, powerful sales technique that can help you and your team continue to grow.

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