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AURA is driven by powerful automated marketing activities that can be fully customized.

Setting Up Series

To Setup a Series, select Marketing in the Main Menu and go to Series

Click on the Green + Button to setup a new series

Enter a Series Name

Select the Service the Series applies to
(this will display the regular service price)

Enter the Series Quantity

Enter the Discounted Price
(this will display the % of the discount being offered)

Click Add Series

The Series will now appear in the Active Series table
Editing Series:

  • Once a Series is setup, it can be edited or removed only before it is sold, at which point, the Outstanding Series becomes a Salon Liability.
  • Series can be deactivated at any time.
Redeeming Series

Series are automatically added to Tickets

When a client is booked for a service that is contained within a series that they possess, this will automatically appear in the client’s Ticket.

Because the Series had been pre-paid for, the Discounted Price will appear in the related line item on a ticket, with the Total for that service displaying as $0.00

Should the salon or client choose to not Redeem a Series credit on a particular visit, the Series Icon can be deactivated in a ticket, which will revert the related line item to the regular service price, which will also appear in the ticket total.

Series Displays:

Active Series can be viewed in Marketing>Series
Series Possession / Usage details can be viewed in the Series Tab in a client’s profile

Guest App:
Clients can view their series balances and book series appointments in their Salon Wallet in the guest app

Series Report (Coming Soon):
The Active Series table is a click-through, which provides a Series Report that contains Series DetailsSalesClientsRedemptions and Liabilities and other metrics

The AURA Client Referral System is fully automated to ensure that guests who receive Referral Discounts are actually first-time guests (not your front desk worker’s BFF).

Setting Up Referral Value:
Salons have control of the Referral Value of the Referral Program. This dollar amount can be set in Salon Settings.
At the time of payment, the Referral will receive this dollar amount off their first visit, and, upon payment, the Referrer will receive the related Referral Credits, which display in the Referrals tab in their Salon Wallet.
A client can share their Referral Code with an unlimited amount of Referrals and will receive accruing credits for each. A Referral can only redeem a Referral Code once.
Sharing Referral Codes:
Every salon client has their own unique referral code which can be found inside the Referrals tab in their Salon Wallet. Clients can “Tap to Copy” their code to share with a friend.
Redeeming Referral Codes:
Referral codes can only be redeemed in the Guest App. This ensures the accuracy of the guest’s first time visit and fosters adoption of the Guest App.
Upon checkout in the Guest App, only If the referred guest has never paid for an appointment at the Salon, a Referral Code field will automatically appear at the bottom of their ticket summary. When applied, the Referral amount amount will be deducted from their in-App payment total.
Once payment is complete, a record of the redemption and the related credits are available for use in the Referrer’s Salon Wallet.

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