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Appointment Alerts

Appointment Alerts

In order to maximize AURA’s Automated Appointment and Marketing Alerts, always make sure that client profile details are up to date. This should become a standard part of the booking process with clients.

Your Appointment Has Been Booked!

At the time of booking, a Booking Confirmation email is sent to the client that links to their appointments page in the Guest App. We don’t ask for Appointment Confirmation at this time because depending on how far-out the booking is, a confirmation may be unreliable.

Appointment Confirmation Text

An Appointment Confirmation Text is sent to clients 48 hours before each appointment. Clients can confirm their appointment via text by replying “1” which automatically marks the appointment Confirmed on the Calendar.

Check-In Text (with Stylist Notification)

Clients receive a Check-In Text 15 minutes before each appointment, that enables them to check-in by responding to the text with a “1”. This automatically marks the client as Arrived on the Calendar and sends a Client Arrival Text to the booked stylist.

At 15 minutes before an appointment, the Green Check-In Button appears in a client’s Guest App, which also triggers the above activity.

Note that texts by law can not be sent between 8pm and 8am, so for an appointment that is less that 48 hours away, if a client books between those times, the text will arrive the next morning.

Thank You! Leave A Review Text

Clients receive a Thank You! Text 15 minutes after an appointment is paid for with a direct link to each salon’s Google Review Page.
NOTE: This can be disabled on an individual per-ticket basis (in case of a known negative experience).


Law prohibits commercial text messaging between 8pm and 8am, so if a client books an appointment between these times that is within the 48 hour period, the Confirmation Text will arrive the next morning.

Confirmation Texts
are sent immediately when appointments are booked on the same day.

Still Have Questions?

Drop us a line with questions about using the Stylist App – or with ideas and suggestions for making SalonOS by AURA even better. Of course, you can always give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you and you’ll be amazed at how quickly we get back to you!

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